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Beauty, said Audrey Hepburn…

par | Août 24, 2023 | Coaching

« Beauty, as Audrey Hepburn said, is « being the best version of yourself both inside and outside. »

✨Outside? You can pamper and dress up and wear lipstick or do whatever beauty means for you.
(I actually don’t wear lipstick often. And I didn’t buy this dress)

✨Inside? It’s about shining your light and Being who you are in your Essence: Love.

When you smile, you let the flow of JOY expand and fill your heart.

When you laugh, you appreciate, you celebrate, you share yourself and your joy has a ripple effect.

When you acknowledge the beauty in yourself and others, your energy increases. Your heart expands. Science has shown that the energy of the heart is 40 times more powerful than the energy from the mind.

When you love yourself, you love others more and the world becomes more beautiful.

Beauty is about who you are Being and how much Love you can open your Heart to.

If your inner critic keeps wearing you down, if you hide in the background, if you criticize yourself or doubt your value, don’t let these voices dim your light. Instead, talk to me.

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