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What my clients say about their transformation:

« Firstly, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your exceptional Leadership Coaching over the past six months. Your support and guidance have truly been invaluable to me during a very tough period in my life. When I initially embarked on this coaching journey, my goal was simply to survive. Everything around me seemed to be collapsing, and I was struggling to find my footing. However, with your patient and elegant guidance, I discovered so much more about myself and what truly matters to me.
One of the biggest obstacles I overcame was the fear of losing myself amidst the chaos. Your unwavering support helped me stay grounded and aligned with my values. As a result, I’ve not only survived, but I’ve also thrived. I’ve become the woman I always aspired to be, confident in my choices and decisions.
Your coaching has had a profound impact on every aspect of my life. It has empowered me to clear up my environment, make significant changes in my professional career, and most importantly, prioritize my own well-being. Words cannot fully express the importance and impact of your presence in my life, dear Amrita. I feel incredibly fortunate to have benefitted from your excellent leadership coaching, and I am forever grateful for the positive impact it has had on me. »
Olha, Senior Engineer, Switzerland
« Amrita successfully coached me in October through a transitional period of my career by helping me to assess the current situation, define my priorities and what actions to take. I particularly appreciated her holistic approach looking at all areas of my life and incorporating personal as well as professional goals. Amrita is very knowledgeable in the field of employment and career coaching and gave me many valuable tips on how to navigate difficult interview questions and salary negotiations. Within a few weeks of her coaching support I successfully found a job and would recommend her to anyone looking for support and guidance in their professional career. »
Madeleine, Global Football Development FIFA, Switzerland
« I had the chance to be accompanied by Amrita who has been an exceptional coach, always readily available to give support and share her experience and knowledge. Amrita has a special capacity to rephrase statements and ideas in a very coherent and eloquent manner, which helped me enormously to get a clearer picture of the direction I want to take in my career. Finally, it was thanks to her advice that I adapted my application strategy and successfully landed my current job. »
Fabienne, Field Delegate at the International Committee of the Red Cross Switzerland

« I have always wanted to try coaching, but I had all these pre-conceived ideas about it. I went into it with a fixed mindset and with very specific expectations, all revolving around being recognized by others, getting a promotion, having more material things. My idea of happiness was primarily dependent on external factors, and I was not aware of the power I have within me to make things happen for myself rather than relying on others. With great patience and wisdom, Amrita accompanied me on a journey of complete transformation. She showed me how to get out of the reality I have built in my head and see that there is a whole new world of opportunities out there that I was always missing by not being open to whatever life unfolds in front of you. She taught me that I am enough, and I have unlimited power to make anything happened for myself if I am clear on what I want and have the courage to take the tough decisions that feel right deep down inside you. Fear was holding me back, but Amrita equipped me with all that I need to boldly tackle anything life throws at me, transform it into something positive and enjoy everything in the process. I now feel free from all the blockages, fears, and doubt that I used to have and I with that load off my shoulders I feel everything I want is within my reach. I am ready to bet on myself in any situation and that is the greatest gift one care received in life and I will be always grateful to Amrita for making this possible! »

Raluca, Sales Director, Switzerland

« J’ai contacté Amrita pour un accompagnement spécifique et à un moment très particulier de mon parcours personnel et professionnel. Son intuition et son écoute active ont éclairé ma pensée. Elle m’a guidé en douceur sur le chemin d’une transition professionnelle que j’appréhendais beaucoup. Grâce aux outils qu’elle m’a proposé, j’ai eu les moyens et le courage de traverser mes doutes et d’atterrir dans le poste que j’avais ciblé. Merci Amrita! »
Ramla, Senior Major Donor Fundraiser, Switzerland

« I had a professional music exam to take for the second time (I had failed the previous time) and being rather disorganized and having difficulties managing both my time and my priorities, I wanted a coach, to put all the chances of success on my side. This is how I met Amrita, whom I highly recommend. Smiling, listening and full of energy, she gave me the tools to : 1) Define my goals and make an action plan 2) Overcome procrastination and lack of discipline – Develop productive routines 3)Visualize the exam day ahead and describe it. All of this allowed me to pass my exam without stress and with confidence. Today, I continue to put all these tools into practice. Thank you Amrita! »
Louella, Professional Pianist, France
« My coach understood from our first session what my « blocking factor » was and accompanied me accordingly during the rest of our sessions. My entire attitude towards my job search changed, and suddenly I got a great job offer only days later! Coincidence? Maybe, but one will never know!
Thanks coach! ».
Filippos, Group Vice President External Reporting, Switzerland
« For a long time, I resisted any sort of coaching or self-help. I was sure I was fine and I had all the answers until a professional experience revealed to me that I did not, in fact, know who I really was or how to believe in myself. I was at a crossroads: I was really unhappy in my professional life, and I wanted to find the time from my 100% career to do something fulfilling, something that spoke to my creative desire to write. Even though I was working in   communications at a highly prestigious international organization, I found that the combination of a lack of belief in myself and my capabilities, mixed with a toxic work environment, drove me to hit rock bottom. Without a way to create, and having only to execute what my supervisors wanted for the work I was to do, I felt drained, tired, unhappy and listless. I was completely stuck. I needed help.
Amrita was patient, kind and the right amount of firm in helping me lead myself to higher ground. She listened to me cry, she listened to me when I was angry and frustrated. But she was able to hear through my emotions to unleash the real struggle behind it all. She showed me how to talk to myself, she eliminated the words I was using that were negative and disbelieving, and helped me find the confidence to believe in myself again. I was able to turn a negative work experience around into something positive. I believed in myself enough to quit something toxic and begin building things that bring meaning back into my life. And I am no longer bound by the feeling that I have to stay in an unhealthy work environment because I need the paycheck. I deserve more than that. I deserve better. And I fight for myself now because I have finally understood that I am worth it. And this shines through in the interactions I have now with colleagues, job interviewers, friends and family.
Amrita’s executive coaching was an absolute game-changer for me. Her constant support, life-wisdom and deep knowledge of human resource processes helped me make a decision I had never made before: I turned down the job. It felt contrary to what I “should” do but in fact, the decision was extremely empowering and gave me the strength to set out on my own. I know now that I can get any job I desire, but that ultimately I have the power to say “yes” or “no”.
The greatest gift that I gained from the six-months with Amrita was how to love myself. If wealth were measured in happiness, then I am the richest I have ever been. And I have her to thank for helping me see that. I could not recommend her more. If you are stuck and you don’t think you can find your way out, Amrita will show you that you are not. You just need to decide when you want to start. Once you make that decision, you will see how things will open for you. »
Katy Orell, Communications Consultant and Writer, France
« I have had a lot of problems sleeping, and I saw a big change in my sleep following my first session. I slept the night through for the first time in a long time. At the second session we worked through a few issues and I felt a massive change within myself. I have started to accept my situation better and I’m getting out of my head a lot faster than before. I can not recommend Amrita enough. Thank you so so much for helping me see things in a new light. »
Anne-Sofie, Head of HR, Switzerland
« With Amrita’s help I have acknowledged the influence of my limiting beliefs and how they manipulated my desires and goals in life. I learned that I CAN be successful in particular areas in my life if I really stay on track, listen to my intuition and follow my most important targets. During our coaching programme I felt more and more my inner power and I experienced its impact when I stay centered, take myself serious and am really honest with myself. I can say that my self-confidence and self efficacy grew a lot and made me more positive about my future. »
Sophia, Social Worker, Germany
« Amrita m’a sortie de l’ornière de mes pourquoi et ensemble, nous sommes allées chercher les ressources pour répondre aux « comment » qui me hantaient. Comment allais-je accepter les traitements agressifs préconisés par le corps médical? Comment allais-je trouver en moi un lieu sécure où je pourrais me réfugier, vivre les épreuves à venir, etc.? A l’écoute de mes besoins, extrêmement disponible et toujours lumineuse, Amrita m’a proposé des outils concrets et m’a aidée à prendre conscience des ressources déjà présentes en moi. Grâce à elle, j’ai pu retrouver le chemin de l’hôpital et mettre ainsi de mon côté toutes les chances de guérison. Choisir son accompagnement a été une des meilleures décisions de ma vie et je porte encore en moi la profondeur et la richesse de nos échanges. »
Céline, Higher Education Lecturer, Switzerland,
« Amrita played a pivotal role in navigating through tough times. Her adept use of language and empathetic listening created a supportive environment where I always felt understood. Amrita’s non-judgmental approach was a breath of fresh air, helping me refocus on myself and put me on the path to regaining lost confidence. She made the coaching experience not just effective but deeply comforting. I am very grateful for her support and highly recommend Amrita to anyone seeking a compassionate and skilled coach. »
Marianne, Head of Digital Communications, Switzerland
« Engaging with Amrita’s coaching sessions has been a pivotal part of my personal growth and transformation. Right from the onset, her dedication and expertise were evident, laying a solid foundation for an incredibly enriching journey. Amrita demonstrated a deep understanding of my struggles and aspirations. She didn’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather, she took the time to tailor each coaching session to my specific needs. Her approach was more than just about resolving immediate concerns; it was about equipping me with the skills and mindset necessary to face future challenges with resilience and grace. The introduction to Steve Chandler’s work was a notable highlight during my coaching with Amrita. Chandler’s insights, particularly those concerning spirituality, resonated deeply within me and prompted a significant shift in my perspective. It was akin to a light being switched on, revealing a previously elusive path. In summary, Amrita’s coaching is more than a service—it’s an investment in personal growth and fulfillment. My experiences with her rank among the most impactful events in my life, underscoring the profound value of the transformative journey her coaching offers. Looking ahead I can say with certainty that my journey with her has been, and will continue to be, a meaningful catalyst for change in my life. »
Nicolas, Software Engineer, France
« Working with Amrita has transformed my thinking and made my dreams attainable. Her guidance and insights shifted me from obligations to possibilities. She encouraged me to be brave and to discard social or personal expectations. It has been a powerful shift and one I am truly excited about. Infinite possibilities. »
Josephine, International Journalist and Writer, Italy


« Dans le cadre des prestations d’outplacement que notre Maison offre à certains collaborateurs, j’ai eu le plaisir d’avoir été contacté par Amrita au travers de Linked In. J’ai découvert une personne emplie de qualités humaines, de sens de l’écoute, d’énergie positive, et faisant montre d’une solide expertise et d’un grand professionalisme dans le domaine de l’outplacement, qualités et compétences confirmées dans le cadre d’un mandat. Je ne peux que recommander sans réserve Amrita, en particulier dans les domaines de l’outplacement et des RH. Meilleurs voeux de succès à elle pour la suite de sa carrière professionnelle. »
Martin, Juriste RH, Banque Edmond de Rotschild, Switzerland
« I had the pleasure of working with Amrita for several coaching sessions and found it to be a highly valuable and rewarding experience. The conversation flowed smoothly, and Amrita subtly guided the conversation to help me identify key values and deal breakers to ground my decision-making. She offered useful frameworks to help push and shift my perspective. It was easy to identify improvements and growth after only a few sessions. I look forward to working with her again in the future. »
Morgan A., Artist Manager, New York, USA
« Amrita supported me over the past 6 months to develop my positioning as a coach. She went beyond the scope of our contract by showing she was always there for me and she generously shared resources and experience. I felt fully seen and supported and at the same time gently encouraged to step out of my comfort zone. She has a calm, warm and compassionate presence which has helped me move forward with my coaching practice and at the same time my own self-acceptance. Thank you again for all your support over the past months.  Its been a great experience for me and lovely to reconnect with you. »
Judith, Non-Executive Board Member, Wealth Management, Switzerland
« I recently completed a 3 month personal coaching journey with Amrita during which I learned and grew, got challenged to overcome my limitations to create a new blueprint for seeing the world, always with more purpose, and optimism. Amrita mixes a lot of coaching methodologies and literally creates a custom fit program that best serves each individual. She combines « western » pragmatism and drive for results with « eastern » focus on the spiritual self. She is smart, quick with spot on observations, which are of course not always easy to digest, and she follows this with lots of empathy and compassion. Having had a successful career in HR before embarking on coaching Amrita has a lot of relevant experience around people management and motivation, topics which I happily wove into our discussions too.
I so enjoyed our sessions together that I even bought a 3 month coaching package for my husband and recommended Amrita to many of my friends!  »
Marta , CEO, Italy

« Being at a certain moment of life’s crossroads, I was looking for words of wisdom to help me find the right direction. I firmly believe that all the answers are within us, but every now and then we need someone to shake us up a bit and help us find the most appropriate solution. From my first contact with Amrita, she had a very strong impact in guiding me through the facts that were already subconsciously familiar to me, but were somewhat difficult to apply in my everyday life. I am aware that I’ll always be the one to make my own decisions, yet I’m very grateful to Amrita for the guidance and clarity I really needed in this transitional period of my life. »
Sandra, Cardiologist, Switzerland

« I am a person with strong emotions. If I get down I do it with all of myself. Last September I was listless, lazy and angry. Then I saw that Amrita was talking about Coaching. « Interesting », I immediately thought. I’ve known her for a long time, she made me love yoga, even if I don’t have the « right physique » at all. Here is another problem is my eternal conflict between being a gourmet and wanting to lose weight. I started like this. Thinking about food, conflicts in the office with a new boss very strange and difficult to understand, with my anger because I couldn’t be as I wanted to be. « Yes, I thought, let’s try! » I caught my breath and immersed myself session after session in a sea that scared me. Grey waves, clouds. I felt like I had to look for the shore, but in fact first I had to recover some objects around me. It wasn’t very easy. Sometimes I thought it was useless. But as I could retrieve one piece after another floating on the waves, I also saw that I could build a raft that would take me ashore more easily. One step after another. I liked to take notes and then reread them in difficult times. I created almost a small personal manual to use as needed. Today I am not a different person, I am more deeply myself, more aware of who I am and what I can do. Despite the others. »
Angela, Vatican Journalist, Italy
« I was floundering with my career and personal challenges. had never used a career coach before so I was cautious and a bit concerned it would become an expensive and fruitless self-improvement program. Amrita was clear and open with what she could do for me and did not push for more sessions if they were not needed. I had a library of self-help material and years of seeing psychologists and therapists over the years so it was refreshing to see it all from another angle with Amrita. Amrita is an excellent listener and supporter. She is kind, gentle, and patient but also action-oriented to help you get the results you need. She was not just a sounding board for my ideas but an active participant in guiding me through the mud and finding the stepping stones to success; we didn’t just endlessly talk about my past, my feelings or my dreams for the future. She also was excited for me, saw my potential, and encouraged me – as you would expect a great coach to do. I am more confident and centered now with a big plan and smaller, attainable goals. She also made herself available via email, chat and video sessions and this made it easy to keep in touch despite the fact that we were in 2 different countries, 6 hours apart. I highly recommend Amrita! She will go the extra mile with, and for, you. »
Carla, Travel Agent, Portland, USA

Working with Amrita was a real game changer for me. I had recently moved overseas and was feeling very blocked and overwhelmed in all areas of life from the intense move. We started with inquiry into what was going on in my life up until now and what challenges I was still dealing with (chronic pain and PTSD), and then traced that back to where I had lost track of my personal joy. Using NLP techniques we were able to re-attune my frequency to that of joy in just one session, which opened up further healing of the root and allowed me to overcome my professional and creative blockages that were causing me stress. We then were able to set achievable goals combined with joyful and supportive strategies to achieve them. I was able to refocus my professional goals, letting go of several platforms that were draining my creative energy and focusing on more abundant platforms for the future. I was able to get caught back up with my client list, develop a brand new course for my followers as well as a plan for several more, and I was able to get back into my book project. Working with Amrita not only traced healing back to the root, but also brought that healing back into the present moment to be integrated into real results. If you want healing coupled with real results that will help you now, Amrita is the right choice for you.

Luna, Art Therapist and Spiritual Healer, USA

« Gratitude. That’s the word that comes to me when I ask myself « What has changed since I started coaching with Amrita? ». I’m so grateful that I met this wonderful coach at the perfect timing. Amrita not only helped me get to know myself better, she also guided me through the steps of self -love and learning to appreciate myself and my own presence. I have evolved so much in the past few months. Amrita’s amazing support really helped shift my mindset, and magic happens since then. »
Jovana, Communications Manager, Switzerland,
« I met Amrita for the first time on a zoom call, and it felt as if I had known her for a long time already! It was so easy to share with her what I am busy creating as a marriage enriching specialist. She understood where I was coming from, and was able to give me some guidelines as to my program I am developing. What I loved was the fact that she helped me gain some clarity and direction with certain aspects that I was so unsure about, and she shared my enthusiasm for what I love!!! Thank you so much Amrita! »
Theresa, Wedding Planner, Dubai
« With Amrita’s help I have acknowledged the influence of my limiting beliefs and how they manipulated my desires and goals in life. I learned that I CAN be successful in particular areas in my life if I really stay on track, listen to my intuition and follow my most important targets. During our coaching programme I felt more and more my inner power and I experienced its impact when I stay centered, take myself serious and am really honest with myself. I can say that my self-confidence and self efficacy grew a lot and made me more positive about my future. »
Sophia, Social Worker, Germany
« Good evening Amrita, I wanted to thank you for your help. You have been supportive and helpful in helping me decide to take on my current job. Your professionalism and experience gave me reassured me at this stage of my professional career. Thank you very much and I would be delighted to exchange with you again in the near future ».
Christine, Head of Customer Service, France
« This evening, my gratitude goes to you, Amrita. After coaching with you, I feel like I am getting to know myself a little better.You are powerful and wonderful. You met me right where I was and helped me so much compassion. You truly moved me and did so with so much grace. Thank you. »
Bénédicte, Shop Manager, Switzerland
« Amrita has a heart of gold and her intuitive ability to direct her clients toward clarity and action is impressive. If you need to move forward and see positive change don’t waste another minute Amrita can guide you to guide yourself. I highly recommend her. »
Caroline, Wellness Coach, USA
« Amrita gave me coaching sessions in one of my worst periods in life and it helped me to slow down and turn my negative thoughts into more positive thinking. Her dedication accompanied me during this difficult time and helped me to rebuild and regain trust, in life and in myself. »
Martina, Senior Personal Assistant, Switzerland>
«  »Sono un tipo dalle emozioni decise. Se mi abbatto lo faccio con tutta me stessa. Lo scorso settembre ero svogliata, pigra e arrabbiata. Poi vedo che Amrita parlava di Coaching… « interessante » ho pensato subito. Lei la conosco da tempo, mi ha fatto amare lo yoga, anche se non ho proprio il fisico adatto. Ecco altro problema il mio eterno conflitto tra essere buongustaia e voler dimagrire. 

Ho cominciato così. Pensando al cibo, ai conflitti in ufficio con un nuovo capo molto strano e difficile da capire, con la mia rabbia perché non riuscivo ad essere come volevo.

Ma si, ho pensato, proviamo! Ho preso fiato e mi sono sono immersa sessione dopo sessione in un mare che mi spaventava. Onde grigie, nuvoloni. Mi sembrava di do dover cercare la riva, ma in effetti prima dovevo recuperare alcuni oggetti intorno a me.

Non è stato facilissimo. A volte ho pensato fosse inutile.

Ma mentre riuscivo a recuperare un pezzo dietro l’altro che galleggiava sulle onde, vedevo anche che potevo costruire una zattera che mi avrebbe portato più facilmente a riva. Un passetto dopo l’altro. Mi piaceva prendere appunti e poi rileggerli nei momenti difficili. Mi sono creata quasi un piccolo manuale personale da usare al bisogno.

Ora non sono una persona diversa, sono più profondamente me stessa, più consapevole di quello che sono e che posso fare. Nonostante gli altri.  »

Angela, Vatican Journalist, Italy

I first had yoga classes with Amrita in Rome which I found extremely stimulating and helpful in coping with a demanding job. I moved back to Norway and was very pleased during COVID-19 to follow Amrita’s classes via Zoom. It was also inspiring to connect with other yogis in different countries. Amrita’s classes are stimulating and rewarding for a number or reasons:

-she varies the focus and movements for every class

-she accommodates the interests of the students

-she always knows what the next movement will be which gives the class a pleasant flow from one movement to the next

– she has a warm and pleasant personality and gives you the feeling that she really cares about you

-the movements are a combination of both demanding ones and less so, but there is always a point to them and students are encouraged to do what they are able to

– After a class you feel both physically and mentally stronger, and also more relaxed and positive to life.

Annette, Chief Sustainability Officer, Italy

« The Yoga classes with Amrita have always been the highlight of my week. It brings me serenity, balance and of course is great for the body. There is a special magic atmosphere and it allows us to forget everything that is bothering us and just be there and enjoy the present moment. Amrita is born to be a Yoga teacher, she has a gift to pass on her passion in a soft way. »
Martina, Senior Executive Assistant Switzerland,