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When I married the love of my life…

par | Déc 10, 2023 | Coaching

Personal post. Today I want to share about my own experience of being powerfully coached.
« Great coaches have coaches » as Steve Chandler says. And coaching can include any area where we want to BE the change whether in your life, health, business, relationships, family, money, you name it.
In 2021, after creating a flourishing coaching business – hence realizing one of my biggest dreams – I knew that my personal life was still a work in progress. I was 48 and had been single for a couple years. Never married, no kids. Not a lot of trust in this area.
I decided to open up to my coach in this area too. We worked on my BEING from the inside out, and my entire perspective shifted.
The Grace of God, combined with powerful coaching and taking intentional action created a massive shift. When you create a clear vision of who you want to BE and what you want to experience, when you elevate your spirit and take action, then Magic happens.
Life is full of Magic when you are open to this possibility.
In January this year I met Eric Linn, the Love of my Life. We got engaged in September. In October we celebrated our wedding in San Clemente, CA, USA and our union was officiated and blessed by the extraordinary Reverend Dr. Kamin Samuel, PhD, my wonderful Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor.
So let me say this: Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams. They are right here – just waiting for you to take action. Your Future Self will thank you.
Wishing you a blessed, magical month of December.
PS: if you’re curious on the « how » specifically I manifested the love of my life, email me and I’ll be happy to share more details of the magical recipe 😉
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