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Falling in Love (with incremental habits)

par | Sep 21, 2022 | Coaching

Good morning and Happy Fall Equinox! Let’s « Fall in Love »…

If you’re anything like me, you love Fall because Fall reminds us that change happens all the time.

Each day. Incrementally.

A tree. Day after day the leaves change colour. Yellow, red, brown. Whirl and reach the ground. And transform.

Incremental change. Small habits.

Small habits either support your health or don’t.

Small habits build up over time and create your state of health.

Today you are the sum of each small habit that you have.

They say health is wealth, and I believe it’s true. Do you?

So, whether you « Fall in love » with the person you see in the mirror or not, that’s okay!

You still have a choice over your small habits. Each day you can start over.

You can make a micro-investment in your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health each day.

Want to « Fall in love » with yourself? Reach out and let’s talk.

It’s never too late to implement small habits and it feels wonderful.

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