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Why you could talk to yourself with love

par | Sep 14, 2022 | Coaching

« Really, do you do this yourself ?

You wake up and look in the mirror and say « good morning my love, did you sleep well? »

My client stared at me with a look of disbelief. As if we were talking about a strange thing.

If you find this weird too, here is my question:

Why is it considered normal to criticize and judge oneself and self-loathe?

Why does it sound goofy or woo-woo to talk to oneself in a loving, supportive and appreciative way?

Our society doesn’t encourage it, doesn’t value it. Right? Society taught us to be self-critical, harsh, judgemental with ourselves and we are used to hearing the inner critic voice and living by it.

As a consequence of this self-criticism we also judge and criticize other people all the time.

Being critical, judgemental and fault-finding with oneself and others​ is simply adding to the planet’s current collective negativity and fear. It’s not helpful.

​I am for a new normal: unconditional self-appreciation and self-​love. Who cares if it sounds goofy? It feels good! It’s life-affirming!

If you show a mirror to a young child, they will look at their reflection with curiosity, smile and love what they see. Little kids don’t self-loathe. They love themselves.

We were born with unconditional self-love and self- appreciation.

And today, the choice is in your hands – or litterally, in your mouth.

You can speak to yourself with love, and reprogramme your subconscious mind with a supportive self-talk habit.

This is what I help my NLP Coaching clients with. And it’s fun and powerful.

And you too could start, just now. Look in the mirror, SMILE, choose your most flirty voice and say: « Good morning gorgeous creature, how did you sleep?

Laughters and giggles guaranteed.

Less negativity,  more joy for the planet.

Try now.


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