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Eight ways to create resilience and self-leadership

par | Sep 10, 2022 | Coaching

« The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.  » —Oprah Winfrey. 

Last week I was asked to share my favourite tips to increase resilience and self-leadership – which include self-esteem, motivation, energy, and mental, physical, emotional health. 

This is what came up for me:

1) Remember your hero’s journey: What have you overcome in life so far? Write your own story. Celebrate yourself!

2) Define your highest priority for the next 3-6 months, what do you really want and why so?

3) Morning gratitude practice: who do you love, what do you love, what are you grateful for? Send love and gratitude to your body and all your cells.

4) Feed your Heart: connect with at least 3 people you love each day, because connection is the most essential human need.

5) Move your Body: create a movement-based routine and stick with it at least for 21 days.

6) Feed your Mind: read inspiring books or articles, listen to inspiring talks or audiobooks at least 30 minutes a day.

7) Meditation or a right brain activity: playing, music, art, walking in nature, time with kids, etc.

8) Remember “what went well” each day and acknowledge yourself before going to sleep. 

What would you add?






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