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What is your internal clock saying ?

par | Jan 11, 2024 | Coaching

There’s a lot of conversations about the start of the year – your resolutions, your vision for 2024, your new routine.

I believe that, concerning all acts of initiative or creation (quoting Goethe), nothing really happens outside of your own thinking.

And your own clock.

It doesn’t matter if it’s January, August, or November. The moment you know you’re ready for a change and you take action, fully committed, with the energy of certainty, bingo, it’s here! Change happens!

So what if your own journey and timing didn’t have to be dictated by the Gregorian, Roman or Chinese calendar?

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for new projects – I love starting new things. As a human being we have the immense freedom to redefine our life trajectory any time – quitting a job, leaving a relationship, moving to a new city or even continent, starting a new business, falling in love… Done all of this. New beginnings are wonderful.

But I believe there are seasons in each human life. I believe in timing and synchronicity.

And you have to align to the rhythm of your own growth and evolution.

You have to tune in to your inner climate, and trust the synchronicity (or divine timing) that orchestrates everything.

Ask yourself, what is your internal season now?

Are you still in a season of making room, of completing a cycle? Are you ready for sowing new seeds? For cultivating or nurturing a project that needs more of my time, energy and attention?

Listen within. And if you want my support to connect with your own rhythm and your own divine timing, I am right here. Email me.

Happy New Year and… Happy Now Here!

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