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Safety, Value and Power

par | Août 24, 2023 | Coaching

Where is the Source of your Safety, Value and Power?

One of my greatest joys in life is watching my clients grow their self-leadership and find their SAFETY, VALUE and POWER INSIDE instead of trying to get them from the external world.

This self-reliance is something I learnt from myself over the years and it’s a deep source of freedom and inner peace.

When I help my clients grow their self-leadership, which includes other steps such as self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-regulation, I often remind them that growth is not linear and that it has nothing to do with pushing or using willpower.

Growth is an upward spiraling journey, an awakening to one’s own strengths, limitless creativity and zest for life.

What are your beliefs about your own SAFETY, VALUE and POWER?

Do they depend on someone else? Or on your job, your status, your money, your body, your social roles or the stock exchange?

If you’re curious to challenge your beliefs, let me know. I’ll open a space for you in my calendar, as a gift, and we’ll go deeper to explore what is true.

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