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My BIG Coming out!

par | Juin 16, 2024 | Coaching

Lately, I’ve shared a few testimonials from my clients, and today I want to reveal the source of my inspiration because I have been holding back for too long! My success in helping clients transform their lives hasn’t happened overnight; I’ve learned from the best mentors and coaches ever! (And none of them are ICF certified, nope!) Since 2021, I’ve had the incredible fortune of being coached and mentored by Dr. Kamin Samuel, PhD.

Do you know who she is? Kamin was the first African-American female helicopter pilot in the US Navy, where she served for nine years. She then built a highly successful corporate career before becoming an International Business and Executive Life Coach. Her academic credentials are impressive: a PhD in Positive Neuropsychology, a Master of Science in Information Systems, a Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology, and a Master of Science in Spiritual Science. This Spring, she delivered a TEDxWilmington talk on the transformative power of mindset and education in empowering women of color to reach new heights. Kamin is currently filming a powerful movie titled « The Courage to Thrive ».

For the past three years, this extraordinary woman has been my trusted source of transformation. Our journey began with defining my vision: Who did I want to become? How did I want to live my life? What were my dreams, and why? Kamin helped me see my unique qualities and my true self, holding a vision for me that I didn’t yet have. I took consistent action, leading to the rapid expansion of my coaching business. Within four months, I was fully supporting myself without the need for « funnels » or digital strategies. When Kamin suggested a new approach, tool, or system, I immediately tested and practiced it, making it work for me. I learned to own every part of myself and my journey, turning my dreams into reality and shifting my thinking from « it’s impossible » to « yes, I can. » And these three years have been amazing, daunting, scary and exhilarating – facing your fears and old ghosts is no walk in the park, but there is not any area of my life that hasn’t shifted and improved, as I haven’t held anything back.

I learnt to empower my clients just as Kamin did it for me, helping them own who they are, see their worth and move to their next level. In the Leadership Masterclass I taught last Friday for a brilliant group of professional women, we discussed overcoming internal barriers to wealth and success and translating our deepest desires into goals from a place of relaxed creativity. The group’s powerful collective energy allowed deep breakthroughs.

Now, this post would be incomplete if I didn’t acknowledge, in addition to Kamin Samuel’s extraordinary guidance, the incredible community of coaches created by Steve Chandler
, also known as the Godfather of Coaching and I will elaborate on this tomorrow.

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