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If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail

par | Avr 20, 2024 | Coaching

Coaches here! Let’s be careful not to over-identify with one single methodology or approach, and not to impose our preferred lens on our client’s reality. This can be a blind spot.

First, we need to make sure we speak the same language as our clients. Are they feeling seen, heard and valued? Can we see the world through their eyes, first? Can we enter their world and walk by their side, just listening ? Are they feeling comfortable in our coaching relationship ? Are we showing up with an open mind and heart or do we have an agenda to « enroll » the client into our vision? Are we imposing a frame and making them wrong when they don’t « do homework »? (btw, this is childish so if you catch yourself doing this please, stop). A Coach is not here to impose anything.

These are important questions to reflect on.

And, what comes next if we truly want to be in deep service to our clients, is to regularly assess and check in with them whether our clients are happy with the way we work with them. Let’s call it a « coaching calibration » (I learnt this word from one of my brilliant coaches) and we can ask: « Is my approach too soft for you? Or too intense, high flame? Am I challenging you enough? What are you finding the most helpful? What would you like me to stop doing?  » etc.

The only way to know is to ask our clients, one question at a time. And to listen.

Over time, I have observed that our clients become more and more coachable. And they do so because we have developed a tailored approach for them, all along the way (this is why I love 6 months to 1 year programmes)

Finally, what I keep being remembered about in our wonderful profession is that our coaching clients have their own insights at their own pace. They make a shift when they are ready. When the timing is right. And this can be long after the completion of the coaching programme.

I believe that humility is required in our profession. With the coaching process we open a container for self-awareness, growth and inner transformation to happen, at the clients’ own pace. Our role is to help them see their power and celebrate each win, each step of the way as they develop more and more trust in their inner GPS.

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