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Corporate Training Day for 50 people

par | Avr 20, 2024 | Coaching

Yesterday was epic and exhilarating! I facilitated a full day training for fifty educators and teachers working with disabled children.

The challenge? A sensitive context. The gifts ? Great receptivity, openness and participation, rich discussions. The results? A common language for them with increased awareness, understanding, connection and engagement within the team.

We talked about emotional intelligence and effective communication. We used self-discovery tools as well as Steve Chandler’s classical distinctions (expectations and agreements, complaints versus requests, creator VS reactor). We practiced listening exercises, explored what « speaking straight » means and its value (thank you Lloyd Fickett and The Collaborative Way book). They practiced appreciation and acknowledgment. And they defined a chart of values in communication, carefully designing the meaning of each word, for their own context. I love to create, tailor and facilitate workshops and trainings. Very grateful for this enriching experience.

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