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Nine Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

par | Avr 1, 2024 | Coaching

Nine ways to boost your self-esteem and your resilience this Spring. Let’s do this!

1) Remember your hero’s journey: What have you overcome in life so far? Write your own story.

2) Define your highest priority for the next 3-6 months, what do you really really want and why do you want it?

3) Morning gratitude practice (journaling): What are you grateful for, what do you love, and who do you love? Then, take a deep breath and love and gratitude to your body and all your cells.

4) Share your love: reach out and express your appreciation and gratitude to at least 3 people that you love and trust. Connection is our deepest human need. And hearing the right words at the right moment is a gift.

5) Help someone: who could you offer your time, your words or your attention to? No matter how small your action is, it will satisfy the second most important human need: contribution.

6) Feed your Mind: learn something new. Read inspiring books or articles, listen to inspiring talks or audiobooks at least 30 minutes a day.

7) Meditation or any right brain activity: playing music, creating or appreciating art, moving your body, walking in nature, playing with your kids, pampering yourself. For example.

8) Evening practice: remember “what went well and why » each day, acknowledge and celebrate each small step. Option: journal before going to sleep.

9) Lift your spirits by spending time in beautiful locations, either in nature or indoors. Beauty is medicine for the soul.

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