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NLP Coaching

What would your life look like, if you could make the impossible  possible ?

I believe we humans came here to realize our dreams.

Here is what we’ll do during an NLP Coaching session:

We will either meet online or in person, in my office in Geneva, within a safe and totally confidential space where you can relax and connect with your own wisdom, your needs, your dreams.

I ask you questions and listen to what you say, how you say it and how you show up, including the silence – or absence of – between your words.  

We won’t spend much time analyzing the past. Instead, we’ll  focus on the Present, on who You are being today, where you want to go and who you want to become.

We focus on you, shifting your mindset, beliefs and thinking. I’ll help you open to new perspectives and start to make different choices,  creating new neural pathways, new habits.

You talk, I listen deeply. And, I will tell you what I see, but always with your permission and in a compassionate and loving way.

My questions may challenge your thinking and we may use some specific NLP processes and conversational hypnosis to create more connection between your conscious and unconscious mind.

What I believe is that are totally resourceful, whole, creative and powerful. And with my help, you can uncover your hidden treasures and use then for your fulfillment.

And what is NLP ?

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) is based on study of the human subjective experience. NLP works on the conscious and the unconscious mind and combines verbal and non verbal communication, hypnosis, gestalt techniques and creative visulizations. NLP is litterally the art of rewiring the brain, updating the old rules that no longer serve you.

Fact: 85% of your behaviour is decided by your unconscious mind. Your subconscious mind and your unconscious mind run your life.

NLP helps you understand the difference between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. The latter being the immersed part of the iceberg. When you learn to communicate with both, you clear the blocks to your creativity.

The outside world no longer has to change before you do. You can transform your beliefs and your  behaviours and realize that you are free, because you always have a choice.

This is what I can help you with.

Are you in a career transition?

Read these testimonials!

In which emotional state do you live most of the time ?

The quality of your emotions is the quality of your life, and emotional mastery is the path to freedom. Emotions are « energy in motion », they move through you and have a message for you. They need to be felt but not always acted on. You will learn to notice, name, embrace, understand and utilize your emotions as powerful messengers.

Which area of your life do you want to bring change into?

Health ? Work? Body Image? Negative thinking? Anxiety? Time Management? Relationships?  Eating Disorders ? Self-love? Creativity ?

Maybe you sense that something needs to change, you feel «stuck », believing that you don’t have a choice. The good news is: you always have a choice. But only always!

Life is now. Are you ready, open and willing to choose YOU ?

Then let’s have a conversation.

Let’s bring you clarity on what matters the most in your life now, and let’s define the very first step you can take.

You can create new beliefs, change destructive habits and open your horizons. You can use your mind, language and body for greater success. You can access and activate your unconscious inner resources to create major and lasting changes in your life.

I typically work with my clients for 6 months or a year, creating a powerful container for transformation to happen.

The work is integrative and holistic, addressing all aspects of your Being: physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual.

There is nobody in the world who is just like you. You are unique. You are a Light and I see You.