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Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is for everybody. If you can breathe, then you can practice Yoga .

Yoga adapts to you, not the other way around! So there is a special, unique way for you to find a happy place in your practice.

Traditionally Yoga was taught one-to-one, passed down from master to student, the optimal way to match individual needs.

I offer private classes (online) and group classes at YogaMoves, in Nyon, Switzerland.

Here is which kind of Yoga and Meditation we can do together:

Tantra Vinyasa Flow: a creative wave of yoga postures initiated by the breath, designed to activate prana, our life energy in specific ways. Using energy for a specific purpose: stimulating, soothing, focusing or balancing the body and mind. I teach a precise body alignment to ensure a safe practice. Mudra, pranayama, and kriyas are used.

Yin Yoga: a slow, inner focus class where postures are held, mostly on the floor, for a longer time. A moment to witness and process. Slowing down to reset the nervous system.

Yoga Nidra: An ancient tradition and systematic approach to guided relaxation to reach a modified state of consciousness, connect with our unconscious mind and get deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

–  Meditation: to find your YES to life and reconnect with your Essence : joy, love, gratitude, compassion, calm and creativity. The structure of meditation can vary. For some (rare) people, meditation happens easily while sitting still, with the eyes closed. However, most of us need to move the body first to release tensions and mental blocks.  Therefore I include a first part with gentle body movements and a second part of stillness and watchfulness. In a meditative state, we become receptive to a greater force called Existence, God, Life Force, Buddha


« Your Body is your Temple– let that stir your Heart and Soul to a place of awe and thankfulness » Corinthians, 1/6

Your body is your best friend.

Your Body never lies. It is always telling you the Truth.

Your Body sends you messages all the time and is looking after your 24h/24.

Your Body is always here, with you. Now. Here.

Your five senses and your head are part of the Body.

Your Mind is in your Body. It’s not separated.

Your Body is your Unconscious. So powerful.

Your Body is your Gift. Your vehicle for this Life. Your Temple.

Make sure you treat it with love, care, respect, gratitude, compassion and forgiveness.

Do you Trust your Body?

Here is one super simple secret to reconnect with the Body:

Take a deep deep breathe in… now exhale completely. Inhale again, feeling the breath penetrating all the way to your lower belly…and exhale, empyting your lungs…And continue, adding a few second’s breath suspension between each inhale and exhale. How do you feel now?

The other simple and powerful secret is to move your body on a daily basis. Yes, on a daily basis.

Walk, dance, swim, workout, do yoga, boxing, bike or shake … move any way you love.

Moving the body makes energy shift your energy off the Mind, back to into your Five Senses, your Breath and the Present Moment. Moving the body is the quickest way to find aliveness again. To connect to the Essence of who you really are.

Society does not help us to make friends with our Body. We are invaded by clichés, standards, rules and pressure to reach an impossible ideal.

Or we believe that the Mind is superior to the Body (which is nonsense, because the mind functions within a body!) .

As a consequence, many of us live outside of our body which is considered as something external, almost a stranger. This state of disconnection is a painful way to live!

If we are willing to listen, the Body sends messages all the time: how you breathe, your temperature, your sensations, your digestion, blood circulation, heartbeat, numbness or excitement, lightness or heaviness… the body expresses itself all the time.

When somebody or something is good for you – your body knows.

If you listen to your body as if it is your best friend, you have access to an immense source of wisdom. And you can even learn how to talk to our body and help it to heal, digest, relax, rest, move.